Thursday, August 9, 2007

Culture Shock: Part 1

A) You flinch everytime the car/bus takes a turn because you think you are on the wrong side. No matter how many American movies you have seen, you will still find it confusing to see cars on the right side of the road.

B) If its hot, wear less clothes, is what these people think. Even the profs wear shorts to work. Dunno how many shirtless guys I must have seen.

C) Pseudo-culture shock: Its 8.00 pm and there is still enough daylight to conduct a full-fledged cricket match. So, couple that with jet-lag and you are thoroughly confused about the time and date of the day.

D) Cars actually stop to let the pedestrians cross the road. No honking or anything. (of course, the people are less, but still!)

E) You are actually glad to see an Indian, and they also take time to help.

F) You finally understand how those firangs in Koregaon Park feel like when being stared at for being "different".

G) The roads are sooooooo huge! And everything is so greatly planned! There is proper lane demarcation even at entrances to housing complexes and so on.

H) Water is expensive compared to Coke, Pepsi or any cold drink. You also give up the idea of thinking of managing on veg diets. If you aren't cooking and want to keep expenses low, it is simply not advisable to stay vegan. (If you are prepared to eat beef, costs come down even more)

I) You realise that the variety of cars available in India is nothing compared to the various cars parked in just one parking lot.

J) Kilometers, kilograms, litres, centigrades dont mean much. Re-orient yourself to miles, pounds, gallons and farenheits.

K) All doors open outside. So you keep banging into them and then realise that the thing wont open. And all americans stare at you :D.

(Photos will be clicked and put up soon)

Saturday, August 4, 2007

The last "Indian" Entry


I leave for Gainesville, Florida day-after-tomorrow (technically, since right now is officially 5th and the flight is on 7th). The last 48 hours in India until a long time, I think. So effectively, this is the last entry in India.

Arrangements have been made, apartments have been booked (thanks to over-zealous Samaritans :P) and I just have to fit in teensy-weensy leftovers in the bags. I'll miss this place.. and probably all this will hit me sometime soon. Hell.. whatever.. I'll savour it all!

Anyways... really sleepy now.. and the next entry will be about my first non-stop 16 hour flight.. i think..