Tuesday, August 20, 2013


I generally remark that this is a small town, but it's "centre" is much larger than that of Antibes and the zone of fun activities is spread out over a larger area. Still walk-able, but the good network of buses and trams is helpful.

And loads more French being spoken all the time. I always mentioned that in France, people always assume that you speak French when they strike a conversation with you. They ignore all the other hints - the lost look on face, the obviously different facial features etc. Probably a good thing (one could almost say that they don't stereotype, but that would be blatantly wrong).

Pissaladière here has fish in it. I'm sorry, but I lived in the region where Pissaladiere was invented (or so I was told) and there, it is a strictly vegetarian onion pie/pizza. It's the same bloody (small-ish) country and you shouldn't get the basics wrong. (Err on further investigation, I find that anchovies do end up on it... but honestly, I'd never seen it before!)

So many parks in town. It's great and I went around excited thinking I could easily set up a slackline but it turns out that it's not allowed in any of the parks in the city. As I spent some hours grumbling and complaining to myself, I realized that I'd ever put the slackline in parks before. We always set it up in open areas (though, inside the city) with trees. It's kinda hard to find such a spot here. But a few weeks of roaming around has had me finding a couple of spots.

I mentioned to about a dozen people that this place is well connected to major cities. It's easy to head to a big city or to RyanAir destination (there are multiple in a radius of 300 km), to which my friends replied, "Are you so eager to get out of that city?"