Saturday, April 19, 2008

Summer? are you sure?

And so, summer has begun. Thats what people say. The college also seems to suggest that by wanting to end the spring semester.

It is getting warmer. I agree. And then this bloody rain! Rain for one day. The next day is cooler. everyone is happy. The day after that is chilly. Huh? The temperature goes to 5 Celsius (I will be stubborn and use the Celsius scale... I am still Indian).

I take out the other blanket/ cover / sheet / whatever-you-would-like-to-call-it. Heater increases the bill like crazy, we've got the experience. Nice peaceful sleep. The next day, I almost miss the lecture. Somehow, go for my job after that. Tired! Project has been assigned too...

So, I sleep late, because I'm "studying". (Partly true, I also had to submit a review of a paper and had to read up on Control theory). Then next day, I miss the class where I'm supposed to submit the paper. I go in later in the day to the Prof's office and submit my critique meekly. Whew, thank god he's cool about it. The evening is chilly again.. and I sit and study, till late.

I go to sleep, tired again. Am I falling ill? Nah, just the weird weather. Wednesday, I wake up with a start at 12. Ouch. Sitll tired.. and missed my job. Damn. That cold weather.. and the blankets.. are a deadly combo.

Repeat (almost) above activities again. Only this time, am woken up at 10.30 by a call, reminding me to go for job (for which i'm already 30 minutes late .. ouch ouch ouch)

Damn this weather... makes you wanna just sleep.. sleep and sleep.

PS: the forecast says its gonna rain tomorrow. :-(
Are we gonna see a repeat? Heck no... (hopefully)

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Public transport... x-(

Its 8:09 am. You rush out of your house. The bus is supposed to reach the bus-stop at 8:07. You "know" that its always 5 minutes late. And heck, if you miss the 17, there is always bus 43. (grin about how lucky you are).

You reach the stop at 8:10:37. The bus stop is empty. Damn! Atleast one bus has gone by. Grrrrrr... Why did I press the bloody snooze button the 4th time and sleep for the additional 5 minutes? (rhetorical question of course... the bed is just too comfy :-D ).

You wait for the "43". Its 8:17. Time for the 16 to come. It doesn't seem to want to come. Maybe I should have cycled. I would have reached on time.. but would be damn sweaty and stinky for the very first lecture of the day. 8:19 am, my roomie ambles by. He gives me a grin - "missed the bus, didn't you?" types.

8:22 am. The bus roars in, literally. The lady who drives it has a blank expression on her face. No remorse. No apology to be expected. Your curse her. Load the cycle on the bus.

And you are late for you class again. Damn you, public transport!

Saturday, April 5, 2008


Take a bowl of fries / potato waffles. Put two slices of mozzarella cheese. Heat this in the microwave for about 20- 30 sec.

Take some hot Turkey chili soup and pour it over this microwaved stuff.

Yum, delicious, unhealthy food...

I love being thin!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Bad Bad blogger me

So here is what has been happening...

Swamped (or seem to be swamped) with homework, job, time-pass and boredom. Spring semester goes by fast. All this time I was waiting for the Spring Break to come so that I could go somewhere. It came, I went somewhere (= Canaveral National Seashore) and suddenly the break was over.

Next thing I realize is that there is just over 1 month for the semester to end. There are 3 exams lined up (two of them over, one currently on), a project to be done soon and a paper to critiqued! (All three exams were take home; one went awesome, have no idea about the second, and I'm writing this blog while on a break from the third take-home). Panic set in.

Last two weeks have been heavy on the job side... have been working in Einstein Bros, eating bagels, cookies, coffee cakes etc, and since the last two weeks have been doing extra shifts, almost making it a 20 hour-a-week job. Man, its tiring! Went through a low in between... and I think I'm getting back on track. Yay! Cheers to friends who kick you in the butt at the right time.