Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Public transport... x-(

Its 8:09 am. You rush out of your house. The bus is supposed to reach the bus-stop at 8:07. You "know" that its always 5 minutes late. And heck, if you miss the 17, there is always bus 43. (grin about how lucky you are).

You reach the stop at 8:10:37. The bus stop is empty. Damn! Atleast one bus has gone by. Grrrrrr... Why did I press the bloody snooze button the 4th time and sleep for the additional 5 minutes? (rhetorical question of course... the bed is just too comfy :-D ).

You wait for the "43". Its 8:17. Time for the 16 to come. It doesn't seem to want to come. Maybe I should have cycled. I would have reached on time.. but would be damn sweaty and stinky for the very first lecture of the day. 8:19 am, my roomie ambles by. He gives me a grin - "missed the bus, didn't you?" types.

8:22 am. The bus roars in, literally. The lady who drives it has a blank expression on her face. No remorse. No apology to be expected. Your curse her. Load the cycle on the bus.

And you are late for you class again. Damn you, public transport!


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  2. thts y stay at a place where the bus freq is good :P like Regency Oaks or Tuscan Bend where 12 comes every 9 mins :)

  3. hmm... the point was... the bus which is supposed to come after 9 (or 10) minutes comes after bloody 12-15..

    and the whole point is lost... thats all...

    ugich bhaav nako khaus.. tumchya ikde pan same hot asel .. :)

  4. i am lol-ing at most of it =) cute blogging you have going on here

  5. you made me remember gainesville.
    Once we the runners [TD] ran in front of the bus thinking the driver would acknowledge us. We got into the bus, driver said "I wont let you in next time .."