Saturday, April 19, 2008

Summer? are you sure?

And so, summer has begun. Thats what people say. The college also seems to suggest that by wanting to end the spring semester.

It is getting warmer. I agree. And then this bloody rain! Rain for one day. The next day is cooler. everyone is happy. The day after that is chilly. Huh? The temperature goes to 5 Celsius (I will be stubborn and use the Celsius scale... I am still Indian).

I take out the other blanket/ cover / sheet / whatever-you-would-like-to-call-it. Heater increases the bill like crazy, we've got the experience. Nice peaceful sleep. The next day, I almost miss the lecture. Somehow, go for my job after that. Tired! Project has been assigned too...

So, I sleep late, because I'm "studying". (Partly true, I also had to submit a review of a paper and had to read up on Control theory). Then next day, I miss the class where I'm supposed to submit the paper. I go in later in the day to the Prof's office and submit my critique meekly. Whew, thank god he's cool about it. The evening is chilly again.. and I sit and study, till late.

I go to sleep, tired again. Am I falling ill? Nah, just the weird weather. Wednesday, I wake up with a start at 12. Ouch. Sitll tired.. and missed my job. Damn. That cold weather.. and the blankets.. are a deadly combo.

Repeat (almost) above activities again. Only this time, am woken up at 10.30 by a call, reminding me to go for job (for which i'm already 30 minutes late .. ouch ouch ouch)

Damn this weather... makes you wanna just sleep.. sleep and sleep.

PS: the forecast says its gonna rain tomorrow. :-(
Are we gonna see a repeat? Heck no... (hopefully)

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