Monday, May 5, 2008

And yet again, the question about the existence of a blog comes to my mind. It seems too fake to write only about the good times one has. Or about mildly amusing anecdotes that I may want to share. Or about worldly views that I want to spread with my "readers".

But then, writing about something touchy, or unhappy is too personal. One can't crack jokes about it. And sometimes, you ( = me) don't want to reveal all things that went wrong. The blog is just too public.

And, if a blog is supposedly meant to be a sorta web diary, it, paradoxically, also means that someone has to read it. The whole point of having a blog, and publishing it, is to have readers. And I don't want people to read about certain stuff that I may want to write.

The question is unresolved. The blog entries, will only be about fun stuff... or rather, non-touchy stuff. :-)

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