Sunday, May 25, 2008

Orlando International Airport

Trying to make sure I stick to my "Plan"... The drive from Gainesville to Orlando was fun. Didn't make a wrong turn and get lost. Reached places right and sorta on time. Yay. The Toyota Avalon is an awesome fun car to drive.

I think I was over the speed limit all the time!

Orlando seems to be a fun airport. The baggage check-in was a pain. Was told that people in London are really strict about the 1 Carry-on bag only rule and wont let me allow the other personal item of a small backpack. Had to check in that intended cabin bag too. :( A little short on cash since I had my money there.

But the novel and Ipod are in the backpack now. And so is the camera. So i can still read, watch movies, listen to songs. There seemed to be a flight to somewhere south - peurto rico / mexico or something. Spanish speaking folk all over the place. Its fun to watch the kids. The terminal was sorta similar to an Indian railway station. Aasawari has just left. Her plane took off maybe 4-5 mins back.

The strain of sleeping only 2 hours and then driving down is showing. Am feeling sleepy. Dunno how much time I'll get at Dallas. Have just over 90 minutes of halt time there and have to go from terminal A to Terminal D. Atleast.. thats what the website says.

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  1. Actually the airport people were right, though I think that you already realized it. Enjoy your trip!