Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Plan

In about 3 hours I will begin my loong journey to home. Feels nice. Excited in way that I haven't slept till now. Will catch some 1-2 hours of sleep. And the rest in the planes, I guess.

My route is Orlando - Dallas FW - London - Mumbai. And the first part of the journey begins with a two hour drive from Gainesville to Orlando. Have got an amazing car - the Toyota Avalon 2008. Since I will be alone all the time, I plan to catch up on reading a novel - The Mahdi. Will also probably watch movies.

But since all airports have free Wi-Fi, I plan to document my journey in this blog. Fingers crossed. The Plan is to write about the airports, and the journey till then. Just a small experiment. And hopefully i actually do post at that time and not later .. ie after reaching home etc.

Wish me a happy journey!

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