Sunday, March 25, 2007

Welcome to my lair..

To write or not to write a blog is what I had been contemplating for months... I had a website up and running (where you are now..) and in the attempts to make it easier for me to post on it, I almost made it pseudo-bloggish ...

But the more vexing question was, will I or won't I keep posting. Especially since I tend to get introverted at times ... and have a verbal diarrhoea at other times. And I decided: To heck with it. I'll start writing a blog... and if I dont continue, I can press the Delete button innit?

But before I get to writing stuff, telling about whats up in life, or in general ramble on, I'll pass on for now... The first step has been taken... and a blog has begun! Tada!

1 comment:

  1. plz keep this blog specefic!all the best!
    ppl dont wanna know about the no. of sit ups the blogger performed and what tv show he likes!but they would really love to know unusual stuff!
    so keep it wacky n unusual...