Friday, July 27, 2007

The last few days here

The month has been pretty eventful.. First the tooth goes, then there is the visa interview (which goes quite well, thank you) and then comes the flurry of mind-numbing shopping where I almost buy half of Dadar, follow it up by buying half of MG Road and Ravivar Peth, and at the same time try to meet up a dozen or two friends and relatives.

Its been a strange time. I quite happy about leaving India. I was getting bogged down by the monotonous nature of things here. And going to Florida for MS is like a fresh start. New people, new place. Independence. Solitude. And hopefully, probably, I get to study something I will truly enjoy.

But leaving Pune means I have to restart the most painfully slow process that also scares me the most: making new friends... Its taken me a good four years to be comfortable with some of those in my engineering college. And it had taken me an equally good time to get close to those from junior college, japanese class, math olympiad class and so on. I've been trying to catch up with most of them & re-do the bonding and stuff. But couple that with the fact that I've managed to almost screw up potentially good friendships in the past few days means that it has been a mini-roller coaster ride.

Though I like the fact that I can say, I've friends in Calcutta, Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Chandigarh, Uruguay, California, Chicago, Pittsburgh, Ohio, Alabama, UK, Germany and so on. Feels nice.

Florida is calling. And I'm leaving for it on the 7th of August, 2007. If you haven't met me here by then, lets hope to meet up in Gainesville, FL.

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