Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Party conversations

Let the persons involved be unidentified. It's better that way. Call them X. That may represent the same or multiple persons...

X: (muttering to self) 2 carries over... and..
Me: What?
X: I'm trying to multiply 31 and 37 to see if I'm drunk.
Me: Ummm what?
X: Well, they are the two prime numbers just above 30.
Me: ....
X: I started with primes above 20.. now slowly progressing to higher numbers.
Me: ... If you feel the need to multiply 2 numbers to check if you are drunk... You ARE drunk.

Me: Is that chocolate?
X: Yea. (while holding a glass of pastis) Alcohol followed sweet stuff is extremely bad. I'm getting it!
Me: ...

X: Hey you, you are Korean right? You have to take this shot with me.
Y: Yea.. what drink it is?
X: It's (something something, I forget). Come on... looks for a shot glass. What the hell do they say in Japanese before you drink?
Y: Umm.. nomi.. no that's "to drink"... ummm
Yes, X was French, Y was Korean and the drink was not Japanese sake. I have no idea why they wanted to say whatever in Japanese.

(A few hours later)
X: So, 51 is not a prime right? 53 is. I'm now trying higher primes.
Me: Yep... and 59.
X: Right, 57 is not.. because it is a multiple of 19.
Me: (Stares)... Wasn't it easier to remember it as a multiple of 3.
X: Oh yea.. 19 times 3 is 57. Didn't realize that.

Here, X is the host, early on in the party. I'd just reached their place.
X: I'd hoped more people would come. Those lazy idiots.
Me: Well maybe they will come late. Everyone is late.
X: Maybe. It's the long weekend now, so the party can go on till really late.
Me: yea... we can party till Sunday night... no one will want to leave. No matter what. And then... then, you'll just have to shoot whoever is left. That would be your only solution.
X: ....

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