Sunday, June 2, 2013

Moving, Updates etc

I did a little math the other day and realized that this current place is the apartment I've lived longest in... if I discount the one where I grew up in India. Three years and four months of living in a spacious house, close to the beach with cool neighbours who were never bothered by the noise (or whose houses were much too far to be bothered by it).

This realization was triggered by the fact that I'm moving places. I first moved into the big city, closer to some friends and closer to where "stuff keeps happening". Moving out of my comfort zone but into another one with a different set of people. It gave rise to boatloads of stuff that needs to be taken care of - address change, junk control, repacking, souvenir re-evaluation etc.

Following the small move, I got a job... which entailed me making a bigger move further north. The decision to move was finalized pretty quickly. I sorta-kinda figured I would move. But rental contract, visa and other issues came together to have me move within a week of accepting the job offer. Suddenly I had accounts to close, taxes to file, apartments to hunt for, and parties to arrange to say appropriate goodbyes. And the weekend in between was also a tournament weekend for the Touch Rugby I play (we ended up in the second place).

So now, here I am, semi-moved into a new town up north, looking for a decent apartment to move in. I'll post updates here soon - I'm back again in a new town with no friends (and loads of friends online, which means I'll be always tempted to stay home and online and "keep in touch"). I'll try to post shorter and post more frequently. No promises though...

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