Thursday, November 1, 2007

I'm loving it

I suddenly seemed to have disappeared from the blog space after the last post. Hehe... Too many things have happened... and generally, the more interesting your life is, the lesser you tend to blog. Initially I was too amazed by the stuff that happens here and started out thinking I must note down everything and tell all my friends back home. Anyway, the novelty has worn off, and now I've gotten used to the place.

Its so cool... The alarm rings at 7.15 am.. use the snooze mode for about a loong time, then stroll towards the kitchen somehow, prepare breakfast (thank god for cereal), have tea (Yay!) get ready, miss the 9.17 bus which would have gotten me to college before time, just make it in time for the 9.27 bus (sometimes I miss that one too and then cycle down), reach Room 100 of NEB at 9.36 am, attend the lecture that Dr. Wiens takes for undergrads. Then on the schedule changes.

But, I've gotten used to it.

I'm loving the independence. Loving the fact that I'm earning the money that I spend now, and that I save for later. Loving the fact that I'm responsible for doing my laundry, making sure that I have breakfast, lunch, dinner. That as long as I have my priorities right, I get to do whatever I want. Love the fact that I now have some friends from China, Korea, US, some acquaintances from Romania, Venezuela, Palestine, South Africa, Taiwan. Love the fact that I can play almost any sport I want, and yet have someone to play with. Squash, badminton, soccer, racket-ball, pool, bowling, basketball. Or just cycle.

I'm enjoying this part of my life.

Tomorrow, I head to Ichetucknee Springs... Have already gone to Lake Wauberg and St. Augustine and will plan to go to Orlando for Thanksgiving.. and Atlanta sometime soon. Will post about those and tomorrow's trip some time.


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  1. Too busy to update ur blog,eh? Life's too interesting i suppose.. :)