Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year

Its the end of 2007. And I'm not in India. But I'm doing the same thing I did back there. Think about how I wildly could party, but actually spend the evening in a much sober, quiet environment.

I generally spend the New Years eve with close friends. At somebody's place. We chat. Watch a movie. Order food. Joke around.

But this time, everyone is someplace else. Rohit and Jay were here but had to leave cos tickets would have damn expensive otherwise.

And so, this time, I will spend a quiet evening, at someone's place. But without those close friends. It will be sober, quiet. Ppl will joke around. Probably watch a movie. Chat.

Things look up for the new year though. Research will start. My pay / stipend should continue. I'll finally decide on some nagging issues. Go to back India for a holiday. Roam around there. Gym a bit.

Signing off for this year...

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