Monday, January 21, 2008

Watching movies

Everyone who knows me knows that I'm a movie freak.... and I generally watch movies at home. Mostly because those movies don't play at "a cinema near me".

These days movie watching has gone down. I realised that there a few things better than being cooped up in your house watching a movie. But watching a movie at a cinema is definitely better in the US than watching at home (in the US). The audience is much more involved... they react better... and react audibly. And this is quite enjoyable.

I had seen "Waitress" in the flight from India to US, because the reviews suggested that it was a nice funny movie. And either, I didn't get all the movie's funny parts or it wasn't a sit-alone-and-watch kind of a movie. But when I saw it at the Gator nights in our college, it seemed a hell lot funnier. The audience reactions - the oohs, the yucks, the aahs and the whistles - made the movie, finally, funny to me.

Back in India, i think most of the people didn't understand all of the dialogues (me included) or understood it a tad too late. English is not my first language, you know! And all of us seemed to be a bit too serious about the movie watching experience, when it came to English movies.

Just waiting for Wednesday, when they are screening Eastern Promises at the Reitz cinema... I love it.. its free.. and they show non-standard movies. :D

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