Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Books, blogs.... heck... Reading!

Mom asked me whats happening to my reading. Books and all... I had no answer. I don't read much these days. Novels and books I mean. I prefer going online and reading articles. Or reading blogs. These days I prefer reading blogs. I think its easier to read about people who are living right now, and experiencing some interesting things in the present. And what they write, are their experiences.

I generally like fiction. But when reading blogs, I don't think of it as something non-fiction. Or as something that really happened in some country and affected a gazillion people, caused global catastrophe or an economic boom, or saved a country from disaster. Its about little events that I can relate to.

I went to the library today to get some novels to read
. For an extremely stupid reason, I couldn't find any book I wanted. Even though I did not know which one I wanted. So, I used that reason, and just browsed through the DVD section. And got two movies.

I miss reading books and novels. I really want to get back to it. I wonder why I find it difficult to do so these days. :(

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