Sunday, April 5, 2009


A few days back I was talking to Nitant and he said that he "absolutely loves to run". Given the fact that I had just done a 9 mile (15 km to be precise) run, I guess the answer expected out of me was the same.

However, I do not like to run. Probably, I hate it. But, I still did it. My reasons for doing that were hazy initially. And it wasn't until after the run and after the conversation with Nitant that I realised why it felt good to run (or good after running). I was reading some articles where one person had written, "Its not about beating a million other people by running faster, its about finishing what you started."

I don't think I can express that better. Running, to me, means a lot of boredom. And a lot of will power. That is why I don't like it. Just the same reason as to why I do it. Because, when I've done running, it feels awesome. Its a little tricky as why I would do it. But it makes me feel real good about myself. (Side note: it makes me healthier too!)

I have tried to do many things - math olympiad, iit jee, robotics projects, some events in college probably and my BE project. After each one was abandoned by me, unfinished, I felt horrible. I knew I could have done better, but I had given up. Either I had been too overconfident, tried something real hard, or just not attempted it because of "the competition" (and sometimes a combination of those reasons). The 9 mile run was the probably the first one that was challenging, and something that I had managed to finish.

Its a great feeling, and has helped me do other stuff. Improv comedy. If you don't know what that means, watch "Whose Line is it Anyway". Improvisation! It rocks. I need time to get going, but I think I can handle it. And its fun. So a couple of great things have happened in the last 4-5 months. Running and improv (in that order) are some of them. Others, I'll talk about them later. Much later.

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  1. You know, i completely get what u mean here... life is like one big series of stuff that we give up mid way... sometimes i think the very purpose of life is to find out those things that one starts, enjoys, n finishes...