Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Tough Questions

Some questions I've been asked which I always find it tough to answer:
1) How is France/USA? / How does it feel to be in India?
2) What next? / Do you want to work in academia? / Do you want to be a professor?
3) Why don't you like dancing?
4) Where will you settle? / I guess you don't want to stay in India, isn't it?
5) Why don't you eat beef?
6) Is it like this [insert some common stereotype] in India?
Actually, I now know one answer to this question. In his review of Dogville, Roger Ebert writes (about America)
All of these things are true, and all of these things are untrue. It's a big country, and it has a lot of different kinds of people.
I think this answer is good enough.
7) How can you not want to listen to songs all the time!
8) What type of robots are you building?
The answer begins with: "No. I'm not building robots for my PhD." But explaining what I really am working on puts most people who are not technically inclined to sleep.
Some of these, I am not sure if I can answer myself.

1 comment:

  1. my answers :P

    1) good/good/good
    2) whatever works by woody allen/do you mean no
    3) too much effort
    4) anywhere with scarlett johansson/ depends on scarlett
    5) i just had lunch
    6) i think so..but i am not sure..but probably it is...too much confusion you know
    7) because if i do you wouldn't want to do it ever
    8) the ones which look like robots but are actually people