Friday, November 27, 2009


Notes taken at a meeting: "Everyone is equally lost..."
"मीटिंग मध्ये काहीच होत नाही."
I start getting increasingly frustrated with reading a biology paper on knee motion. Decide to talk to a friend in the room.
Me: This biology stuff is so damn boring.
Him: Yeah, you look totally uninterested in it.
Me: This paper describes the motion of the knee in text, no pictures. And it uses all the technical words for body parts. I have to look up wikipedia all the time.  
(Note: I loved the fact that until now I had nothing to do with biology. I had never read a bio paper until now. So my ignorance should be excused).
Him: Why are you reading it? Is it useful?

Me: ... (thinking hard)... I don't know...
I really don't know....

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  1. me: Why are you reading it? is it useful?

    me: ...(thinking hard)...i dont know...i really dont know :P